Curb Painting Service

Having your house number clearly displayed on your curb is vital to emergency service crews in search of your home.  An updated curb painting also enhances the beauty of your home, adding to your "curb appeal" (sorry!).

For a $15 donation, your curb number will be expertly painted to your satisfaction by the Officers of the Project.  This is considerably less than what other vendors are charging, and you have the satisfaction of knowing that 100% of your donation will be used to preserve our magnificent sea turtle population.  No part of your money will pay for wages, supplies, expenses or administration of the Project, which is of course a non-profit entity.

Want something special?  For an extra fee we can personalize your curb painting with a logo that expresses your individuality.  Whether it is the Statue of Liberty or a sea creature (our favorite), just let us know what you would like.  You can chose any design from our favorite web site ( or provide your own art.  Just describe your desire in our order form.  The handicapped symbol is always free.

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